Material handling at it's best.

Keeping your product moving.

Somina deliver quality and simplistic design with their range of pallet handling equipment and forklifts. With firm roots in Australia, their dealer network provides a wide variety of quality material handling equipment, backed by their support services. 


Somina 1.2T Electric Pallet Stacker

Ultimate solution for light duty operations.
Body Length: 387mm
Weight: 124kg
Max. Gradeability (laden): 4%
Max. Gradeability (unladen): 16%

Somina 1.5T Electric Pallet Jack

Ideal for use on retail stores & lorries.
Body Length: 380mm
Weight: 123kg
Max. Gradeability (laden): 6%
Max. Gradeability (unladen): 16%

Somina 2.0T Electric Pallet Jack

Ultimate solution for moving heavy loads.
Body Length: 386mm
Weight: 149kg
Max. Gradeability (laden): 7%
Max. Gradeability (unladen): 16%

Somina 2.5T Manual Pallet Jack

Professional and ideal storage aid for all manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouses as well as factory plants.
Capacity: 2500kg
Min. Fork Height: 75mm
Max. Fork Height: 190mm
Fork Length: 800/900/1000/1100/1150/1220