Italian tradition with cutting edge design.

Compact design

The perfect tractors for professionals who work in vineyards and orchards.

Stylish, comfortable, practical

Arbos' range of tractors are well known for their outstanding reliability, versatility and performance.

ARBOS has inherited the values of a long-standing and glorious Italian brand, bringing its strengths up to date, taking advantage of significant economies of scale, focusing on excellence in design and bringing everything together with an original, award-winning style. A rapidly evolving full-line product range, entirely manufactured in our two production plants in San Vito al Tagliamento and Carpi, is making a powerful advance on the domestic and international markets. 

All models stand out for their comfort, practicality, style, excellent performance, green credentials and ease of use: Italian design and manufacturing has never been so smart, mixing spot-on design, execution and respect for the surrounding environment. All this with a keen eye towards reducing purchasing, running and maintenance costs.

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Arbos 3060 Open Field - Utility

Dynamic and fashionable due to the elegant headlights, luxurious finishes inside the cab, these tractors are designed with care, they offer a generous specification, designed to offer a viable alternative to those looking for a compact tractor, simple and versatile.
Engine Rated Power:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
Max. Speed:
Width (min - max):

Arbos 3060 ROPS Utility - Specialised

3060 is designed for a wide variety of uses: work in the open fields, vineyards and orchards, in greenhouses and nurseries as well as transport jobs in farms and for professional ground care.
Cylinders/Displacement: N°/cm³ 4/-
Engine Rated Power: KW/Hp 43/58
Fuel Tank Capacity: 60
Max. Speed: 38 km/h
4WD: Yes
Width (min - max): mm 1780

Arbos 4110 Q Specialised

The 4000Q series is a class of tractors apart. The bold sloping design of the body, reduced turning radius, large and isodiametric wheels of the four-wheel drive system and the powerful engine make the 4000Q series the ideal machine for working among the rows of orchards and vineyards.
Cylinders/Displacement: N°/cm³ 4/2970
Engine Rated Power: KW/Hp 75/102
Fuel Tank Capacity: 70
Max. Speed: 40 km/h
4WD: Yes
Width (min - max): mm 1470 - 1560

Arbos 5130 ADV Open Field - Utility

ARBOS flagship open-field utility model: sleek European design, advanced engine and transmission completed with powershift and wetclutch features to provide the smoothest of operations with a long-standing durability. No job is tough enough for the 5130 Advanced Series.
Cylinders/Displacement: 4/3404
Engine Rated Power: 136hp/100kw
Fuel Tank Capacity: 130l
Max. Speed: 40 kph
4WD: Electrohydraulic engagement
Width (min - max): 1966 mm - 2538 mm